H.Upmann Cigars


Herman Upmann was a banker from Germany who so loved Cuban cigars that he moved to Havana in 1844 and set up as both banker and cigar maker. His bank closed in the early 1920's but his cigars live on as a fine example of an elegant light to medium-flavored Habano. It is a deeply entrenched brand among smokers who enjoy very strong tobacco. Its wrapper, darker than in other brands, stresses its flavor and fragrance, giving it a sweet and spicy note. They were very successful in the last century in Germany where these cigars were served in silver salver. And this is now a most cherished brand in England and throughout Europe. H. Upmann Factory is today the Parent Company of the renowned Habanos Montecristo, Diplomaticos, and the pioneer of H. Upmann firm. These are all premium cigars backed by a charming appearance and available in a wonderful variety of sizes.Read more


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