Shipping Information

Shipping Fee

Shipping is free on all orders of +$150* and delivery is guaranteed.

*Certain countries have other fees such as insurance, Non-standard shipping options.

Orders for less than $150 will carry a shipping/handling charge of $24.

Please note, for larger sized items (Humidors, Jars, big packages etc.), there may be supplemental shipping charges. These cases will be dealt with the client directly.

Shipping Time

We ship every day of the week within 24 hours maximum. Orders placed on Friday afternoon will be shipped on Monday, along with orders placed during the weekend.

Normal delivery time should be between 4 to 20 days. BUT...

... Shipping time varies from countries to countries depending on the local postal services. Swiss Postal services are very quick to ship out your package, delays are mostly happening in your country.

Tracking Number

Tracking numbers can be found in your account and in the shipping confirmation email (check your spam folder). Please note that we are not able to provide a tracking number for all countries.

Delays in Delivery

We guarantee delivery.

If you have not received your package after 20 days, we will ask you to wait another 10 days. In most cases, packages appear then due to misrouting.

After 30 days of no-show, we are now able to open an investigation with the Swiss Post to find out what is happening with the packages. If a package cannot be found, we will send a replacement package.

Shipping to Australia, Brazil, and all South American countries is much slower due to unreliable local postal services(45 to 90 days)-. We ask for patience to customers wanting to be delivered in these countries.


It is your responsibility to check for your own countries' customs regulations regarding the importation of our products. All duties and imprt costs are the importers responsiblity. PLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT SHIP PRODUCTS OF CUBAN ORIGIN TO THE USA.


Please contact us for further information.


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