Magnum 46 Tubos

  • Presentation Habanos Regular Productions
  • Vitola Coronas gordas
  • Length 143 mm
  • Ring Gauge 46 Ø
  • Origin Cuba





One of the Best Cuban cigars available on the market. The Magnum 46 was very popular during the early 2000's, when smoking very spicy and strong cigars was all the fashion. With the changing of what smokers want, this edgy cigar has had to take a back seat. But for those who still enjoy power smokes, this cigar is really something special. Dried fruits and intensely rich woody aromas give real body to an already powerful cigar. A true smokers cigar.

It's rare to use the term 'perfection', but when it comes to a good 'oily/maduro' Magnum, it is the only term that applies.

The Magnum 46 is very easy and very generous; therefore, it must be controlled. The Magnum must be smoked very slowly, but with a regular draw. It's spicy without being harsh. The roundness of taste is due to the leather and chocolate aromas. The spiciness is present but the taste of the first third is rather heady. The spiciness of the Magnum has a special characteristic, it's an unsettled spiciness: it's very rich, and it keeps changing with each draw, like a surprising marvelous symphony. In the second third, the Magnum excels.

In the finale, the heady taste disappears progressively and the hot spicy taste is more present. It's the moment when all connoisseurs say the same thing: 'it's just too short!'

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