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Welcome to Cigars-of-Cuba.com, a website devoted to good life.

Perhaps you've heard about us from referrals or you saw our link chosen by cigar experts, specialized websites, forums or perhaps you read about us in the Morane International Cigar Guide.

Whichever way you found us, all you have heard is true...

Cigars-of-Cuba Club was founded in 1994. Three years later our members decided to go online and share their cigar passion with other fellow connoisseurs around the globe. The website first went online in July 1997 (oldest online store offering Cuban cigars). Many other websites claim years of existence, all you have to do is check the Internet database, you'll be very surprised! Beware of pages with a look or text copied from our site and make sure you are browsing the real Cigars-of-Cuba.com.

In September 1997 the first version of COC went online and it was accessible only through membership. Our members registered and chose from predefined formulas of membership. From Beginners to Experts, formulas included a list of cigar boxes that we put aside for members and shipped according to his wishes through the year.

In 1998 we introduced the online humidor where members can order and get deliveries of single cigar boxes without having to apply for a yearly plan.

In 2001 we launched our new version with a user friendly catalog and increased our product database to more than 300 products available in stock for immediate shipping.

Cigars-of-Cuba created the FREE shipping worldwide and most competitor sites did the same. Every year COC was a pioneer, introducing to the world market new Habanos releases, limited edition items, aged or hard to find old Havana cigars. Our members were most often the first in the world to have access to these highly sought after cigars. Many websites have tried to copy our concept, images and slogans without being able to match the quality of our product and the high level of our service.

September 2009 we presented a new lifting for our online website shop. 2010 saw our 13th Aniversario of existence online, with a month long celebration of special Cigar promotions, gifts and events around the smoking world. Perhaps you were lucky enough to be with us for one of these events. If not, be ready for our next anniversary party near you. We continue to strive to improve our web site navigation and facility of shopping. We continue to seek out more efficient shipping methods and continually improve our customer service. We pride ourselves on continuing to offer you the widest selection of Cuban cigars on the intenet, as well as rare and hard to find products.

Be proud to be a friend of Cigars-of-Cuba.com!


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