• Juan Lopez Selection No. 1 SLB

Juan Lopez
Selection No. 1 SLB

  • Présentation Habanos Regular Productions
  • Vitola Coronas gordas
  • Longueur 143 mm
  • Ring Gauge 46 Ø
  • Origine Cuba





It's not a Churchill, it's not a Hermoso No.4 and it's not a Corona. This Corona Gorda can be enjoyed young, when it is easy and fresh or aged, when the youthful character subdues to reveal a very subtle grassy smoke, perfect for the aficionado's aperitif smoke. Sweet wood, vanilla, caramel and black pepper mingles in a generous and creamy smoke. The beautiful colorado-maduro wrapper cape's a fine construction, producing a draw and burn as good as any cigar rolled in Cuba.

The smell of Cuban cedar is dominant and whilst not obscuring all others, we detect some wonderful hints of cinnamon.

Heady smoke. Regular draw. Even if the Cuban cedar notes are dominant, you can discover many associated aromas and flavors. In the second third, the woody notes become more present and the smoke evolves progressively in a dry way.

The great surprise is rare hints of cinnamon in this dry woody finale, which is just hot without being harsh.

SLB Cabinet de 25

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Juan Lopez Selection No. 1 SLB SLB Cabinet de 25
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Juan Lopez Selection No. 1 SLB Stick
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