• San Cristobal Oficios (cdh) - 2008

San Cristobal
Oficios (cdh) - 2008

  • Vitola Dalias cortas
  • Length 135 mm
  • Ring Gauge 43 Ø
  • Origin Cuba


Thinner in ring gauge and shorter in length than the other new San Cristobal's, the Oficios's blend has had time to open out and blossom and the result is a very tasty and rich cigar. The wood and beany flavors develop in an intense, round smoke that climaxes to a quite powerful finish. Produced in 2008 as part of the Casa del Habano series, these cigars are now at their peak.

Box of 25

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San Cristobal Oficios (cdh) - 2008 Box of 25
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