• Saint Luis Rey Churchills SLB Cab

Saint Luis Rey
Churchills SLB Cab

  • Presentation Habanos Regular Productions
  • Vitola Julieta no.2
  • Length 178 mm
  • Ring Gauge 47 Ø
  • Origin Cuba





The Churchill is less round than the Lonsdale and less rich than the Regios or Serie A, making it the mildest of the Saint Luis Rey vitoles. This ease in the smoke makes it an excellent starter cigar for those new to Cubans and a valued companion for the regular smoker. The gentle pace allows one to truly enjoy the beany flavors, balanced off to a very mild tobacco. Very rare for a big cigar, this Churchill is best smoked within 5 years.

A gentle and attractive black honey taste, with hints of freshness.

Mixed aromas and tastes of Caramel and honey with a smooth earthiness.

If we are allowed to compare it with a great champagne: the Saint Luis Rey Churchill is the 'Cristal Roederer' of the Havanas.

SLB Cabinet of 50

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Saint Luis Rey Churchills SLB Cab SLB Cabinet of 50
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