• Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure Especial

Hoyo De Monterrey
Epicure Especial

  • Presentation Habanos Regular Productions
  • Vitola Gordito
  • Length 141 mm
  • Ring Gauge 50 Ø
  • Origin Cuba





This is the same sized cigar as the 2004 Hoyo Edicion Limitada. The blend is typically mild Hoyo, with hints of floral and light woods, but this cigar does seem to show signs that age could reveal a completely different character. Expect the power to increase and the flavors to get harsher with time in the humidor.

One of the first double banded Hoyo's (at the time of writing this), the Epicure Especial adds to the already legendary Epicure linea.

Typically Hoyo'esque in flavor and power. Never too much, but always enough!

It will end and you will want more, but give your palate time to appreciate the experience.

Box of 10

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Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure Especial Box of 10
10 units


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