• Cohiba Maduro-5 Genios

Maduro-5 Genios

  • Presentation Habanos Regular Productions
  • Vitola Genios
  • Length 140 mm
  • Ring Gauge 52 Ø
  • Origin Cuba





The Maduro 5 Line (maduro wrapper leaves, tobacco aged for 5 years before being rolled) is the darker side of Cohiba. The Genios is the biggest and boldest of these cigars. A more intense and rich blend than that of the Linea Classica and 1492 Linea, the Maduro line will appeal to the power smoker who love dark cigars. These cigars will need some time to reach their peak, but the intended blend should give for a strong, sweet woody smoke.

The dark wrapper, 5 years aged is so pleasing to the eye and gets your taste buds going even before tasting.

The development can be slow, but once you hit that second phase, the power kicks in. Notes of licorice and dried cranberry animate the underlying beany aromas.

Finale can be very strong, beware.

Box of 10

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Cohiba Maduro-5 Genios Box of 10
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