• Cohiba Behike 56

Behike 56

  • Presentation Habanos Regular Productions
  • Vitola Laguito no.6
  • Length 166 mm
  • Ring Gauge 56 Ø
  • Origin Cuba





The Cohiba Behike is the most exclusive linea of the most prestigious Habanos brand. These productions incorporate 'medio tiempo' tobacco (for the first time in a Cuban cigar) which brings extra character and flavor to the smoke. The Behike line carries the new Cohiba bands. The 56 is the biggest of this new line and you will need time to enjoy it properly. A cool start allows you to really taste your tobacco. The cigar build as you would expect. This is a festival of flavor of power and all that is good about Cuban cigars.

Stunningly impressive with its 56 ring gauge and sheeny golden wrapper. In the hand, this is a comfortable cigar. In the mouth, the spiciness starts its magic even before you light up.

A slow start gives you the chance to really taste your cigar. Exotic spice and sweet ripe fruit dominate the initial phase before the heavier aromas kick in. Black honey and cedar take over to guide you through the second phase before a radical shift in the final phase takes you up to cigar heaven.

The big ring gauge means you know what to expect and yet, the surprise is the same every time as to just how good it can be.

Box of 10

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Cohiba Behike 56 Box of 10
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