• Bolivar Inmensas


  • Presentation Habanos Regular Productions
  • Vitola Dalias
  • Length 170 mm
  • Ring Gauge 43 Ø
  • Origin Cuba





Typical Bolivar style flavors, but very strong and very spicy. This is a cigar for those who remember the Old Havana style of smoking. It is harsh to the point of sometimes being too much for some. A steady burn gives some point of reference for those who wish to take on the challenge. Was extremely popular, but the Lonsdale size has recently gone out of fashion, leaving only the Connoisseurs to enjoy this hidden treasure. A harsh cigar that can be enjoyed, surprisingly, at quite a young age.

Typical Lonsdale look. Slender, this is the gentleman's size.

An edgy start which can be off putting for the weekend smoker. The Inmensas is Cuban power in its rawest form. The cigar gets gradually stronger throughout the smoke.

Watch out, very harsh finish which will only appeal to those lovers of Old Havana.

Box of 25

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Bolivar Inmensas Box of 25
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