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Hoyo De Monterrey Petit Robusto Pack of 3

  • availability In Stock
Hoyo De Monterrey Petit Robusto Pack of 3





Another of the 'Short' Cuban cigars released over the last few years by many of the brands. These cigars are much sought after by those who wish to smoke complex cigars, but don't have hours to do so. The Hoyo Petit Robustos is one of the best examples of this type of smoke. When you first light, it feels like you've entered the cigar directly in the final phase of a big cigar. Intense and very quickly powerful, woody, nutty tones do make an in-and-out appearance between the full bodied smoke. The finish is very strong and rich.

At last a Petit Robusto to satisfy the demand of a generation of cigar aficionados seeking a full bodied short smoke.

Mild and earthy beginning. Evolving progressively without being overpowering. A very pleasant cigar. Reminds us with the glory days of Cuba (pre-Castro small cigars like Rey Del Mundo Royal Serie No.3).

The finish is outstanding. We couldn't stop smoking the last part even when we started to burn our fingers.

Partagas Serie E No.2 Tubos Box of 3

  • availability In Stock
Partagas Serie E No.2 Tubos Box of 3

A Partagás Habano is immediately recognized by its rich and intense flavor. The Serie E No.2's huge ring gauge has made it an instant hit among modern aficionados. The warm start quickly accelerates in the realm of intense, dark flavors. Leather, earth and rich wood are present in bucket loads. Watch out for a strong finale.

Big in the hand and dark in the wrapper. You know you are going to enjoy a Partagas cigar.

Earthy flavors with hints of exotic spice are present in the first and second phase of this cigar. A gradual build in power is felt throughout the second phase.

Very strong and intense finale. In its younger years, this finale may be overpowering, but with time it will find balance.

The Tubos makes of this cigar the perfect companion to take out with you.

Quintero Favoritos Pack of 5

  • availability In Stock
Quintero Favoritos Pack of 5


From the south of Cuba comes the Quintero Favoritos. Biggest ring gauge of the brand, the Favoritos is more intense and complex that the other Quintero vitoles. The Concha No.2 size is unique, making this a special cigar to smoke.


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