Readers Accolades
I was impressed with your website while I was surfing gathering information regarding Cuban cigar counterfeits. Thank you for your time and dedication at preserving these precious jewels for true cigar connoisseurs to enjoy the whole purpose behind genuine Cuban cigar smoking.
Thank you so much for sharing your unselfish knowledge with fellow connoisseurs.
(Nicholas Muragin, Hawai 03/98)

I'm looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with the club.
(Michael Pavelich, Norway 03/98)

I have just located your site which I find most interesting and informative.
(Neil Maloney, Hong Kong 03/98)

I just found your web site. It's a great one. Keep up the Great Work.
(Mike Hamilton, USA 03/98)

Can I recieve the benfits from joining such a cigar club? Please let me know. Very interested.
(Scott, USA 03/98)

Votre site est très bien (dommage qu'il n'y ait pas une traduction en Français)
(Christophe Cassard, France 03/98)

Hello, I have been looking through your web-site and I would like to purchase some of your special cigars.
(Demetrios, Greece 03/98)

Thank you for your prompt reply.I have been looking at your range & may be interested in buying a few boxes here & there depending on price.
(Tony Mulligan, Australia 03/98)

Thank you for your reply to my question concerning Cuban cigars. Thanks for your time and effort.
(David Mc Vicar, 04/98)

You seem to have an impressive collection of fine cigars!
(Mark and Tracy, Canada 04/98)

Thank you dearly for sharing and adding your information with me. I am very grateful and appreciate it deeply. Till next time...
(Nicholas Muragin, Hawai 04/98)

My congratulations to you on your ability to select such fine cigars. I'll give them some time in the humidor before my next but I am looking forward to many wonderful relaxing evenings with my Hoyos. (My wife even thought they smelled great.)
Thank you so much for your concern and hard work on this case. It shows me that you are a group that is not only serious about fine cigars, but are interested in giving people great service. Cuban cigars can be purchased in many places, but service like yours is becoming extremely rare nowadays. I shall warmly recommend Cigars of Cuba to all of my cigar-loving Norwegian friends.
Thanks again...
(Michael Pavelich, Norway 04/98)

I appreciate your kind assistance and look forward to your reply.
(Bernard Lee, Malysia 05/98)
Thanks for your letter and your catalogue of the cigars that are available this month. Thanks also for waiting to charge my Visa card until you ship the cigars. It seems so far that we are going to do a lot of business. Please keep me posted when the cigars are shipped and when they will arrive so I can be home on that afternoon.Thanks again.
(Alan L., 08/98)

Thank you for your message on my answering machine. I look forward to receiving the shipment. Thank you for your prompt reply to my e-mail message.
(Mark Shepard, 08/98)

I can't recall their names. I met them in a cigar shop in San Diego called "Liberty Tobacco" and they all raved about your web site.
(Xiaowu Liang, USA 08/98)

I am very happy with your service and have recommended you to many of my friends. Expect some more orders and contacts from around the world. Thanks.
(David Runacres, Japan 08/98)

I was browsing in a smoke shop in Boston on a buisness trip. In discussion with the young man working the humidor the subject turned to Cubans. As I had just returned from Montreal, I go there every year for the Canadian Grand Prix, sorry about the Prost. I had explained my frustration with the embargo and your web site among others came up. He said that I might give you a try. I connected and was impressed with the presentation and your commitment to quality that is quite obvious from your personal professionalism and honesty. Thanks for the phone calls and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
(Ronnie Hoag, USA 08/98)

I trust you are all doing well. I notice you changed a few things on your page - I like ! Especially the new pricing!
(Bernard Lee, Malaysia 08/98)

Thank you for your excellent www-pages related to cuban cigars.
(Mike Pless, Germany 08/98)

This is just a quick email first to say that I received my cigars last Friday. Thank you very much. Anyway I am very pleased with the Gloria Cubanas. I am impressed by the professionalism of your company and I would like to add that you come highly recommended by acquaintances of mine.
(Nigel Porter, UK 09/98)

Thank you very much for the cigars!They were pack very nicely. The cigars are in excellent shape. Fresh and beautiful. I also want to thank you for the wonderful leather cigar case that you sent me, I will definitely put it to good use. Thanks again. I just got done smoking one, what a treat it is to sit down and smoke an exquisite cigar such as this. I probably order more cigars next month.
(Alan L., 09/98)

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