Cigars-of-Cuba.com is happy to present a new line up of Promotions. We feature a wide variety of Cuban cigars at discounted prices for you to sample and enjoy. Check out our latest line up of Special Promotions. >>>
COC Cigars of the Month September. Celebrating 3 years of the COC Cigars of the Month feature, we take a look back at two classic Habanos. The infamous Montecristo No.2 and the Partagas Serie D No.4.
Come and (re)discover these legendary Cuban cigars and why not try them whilst you're here. >>>
Many of Habanos’s recent releases have been shorter 'n' fatter than in the past. The modern cigar smoker has less time to enjoy his cigars, but still wants the complexity and pleasure of a true Cuban. Come and discover the micro world of Cuba's fat-ringed cigars. >>>
COC has put together a special collection of exceptional Habanos productions. Whether to smoke during this Summer or simply to add to your collection, these items are not to be missed. >>>
Cigars-of-Cuba.com is very happy to announce the arrival of new collectors' humidors. Hoyo de Monterrey Humidor, Romeo y Julieta Humidor and H. Upmann Humidor are all available for you to add to your collection! >>>
Habanos Limited Edition Series. All Limitada's are produced in Havana 's best factories and have dark wrappers, rolled from aging top plant tobacco leaves. Several Vitoles are releases yearly in very limited quantities. We have a wide choice of these premium smokes, so take the time to discover Cuba 's Limited cigars. >>>
New Aged Cubans Selection available. We have the pleasure of putting forward a new set of Cuban cigars which have been carefully aged to get them to their best, ready for you to smoke today. >>>
Wanting to try different Cuban cigars or the rare and limited Habanos productions or the Cuban cigars that are at their peak at the moment but don't want to splash out on full boxes? COC has devised new series of Tasting Samplers just for you. >>>
The Habanos Edicion Regional series comprises special limited production cigars made exclusively for regional markets. We have never had such a large choice of these premium Cuban cigars, so take the time to discover new Cuban cigars form around the world. >>>
Gifts for the Modern Smoker. Check out our new collection of special smoking accessories and gift ideas for today's smokers. Having the correct companion for your cigar adventure is key to having the perfect smoke. >>>
However you found us, all of what you have heard is true... Cigars-of-Cuba.com has been an online store since 1997, making it the oldest online Cuban cigar store. We pride ourselves on continuing to offer you the widest selection of Cuban cigars on the internet. >>>
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