• Juan Lopez Selection No. 2 SLB

Juan Lopez
Selection No. 2 SLB

  • Présentation Habanos Regular Productions
  • Vitola Robustos
  • Longueur 124 mm
  • Ring Gauge 50 Ø
  • Origine Cuba





Similar in flavor to the Juan Lopez Seleccion No.1, but slightly more mild and grassy. For a long time, The Juan Lopez Seleccion No.2 was just one of the other cigars from Cuba, but it has recently been re-discovered and is now very popular with modern smokers. This Robustos does not have the sweetness of the Hoyo Epicure No.2, but the mild woody/grassy flavors do come across in a very smooth manner, making it a more complete Robustos. The Robusto always has excellent combustion, due to a superb construction. Can be aged, but will become mild and more subtle with time.

Cedar notes and some salty hints.

A very well made Robusto with an excellent draw. The medium to full-bodied smoke has a cedar wood taste and an earthy complexity with a roasted cocoa bean flavor.

A light woodiness on the finish.

SLB Cabinet de 25

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Juan Lopez Selection No. 2 SLB SLB Cabinet de 25
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Juan Lopez Selection No. 2 SLB Stick
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