• Juan Lopez Petit Coronas

Juan Lopez
Petit Coronas

  • Presentation Habanos Regular Productions
  • Vitola Petit coronas
  • Length 129 mm
  • Ring Gauge 42 Ø
  • Origin Cuba





Similar blend to the Corona, the Petit Corona's light, fresh and fruity character is perfect for beginners, intermediate and seasoned smokers (morning cigar) alike. The floral notes give the cigar an incredible relaxed feeling. It may lack a bit of tension for the full bodied smoker, but it's easy and regular burn makes it a favorite day time cigar for many occasional smokers. Surprisingly can be aged for an extremely long time without changing to much in flavor.

A cigar produced only in small quantities, delivering a consistently good quality. A well-balanced cigar with a medium body.

It has smooth spicy/floral flavors with a light sweet tobacco finish.

A mild mannered cigar, with a mild finish. Leaves you with taste, not power.

Box of 25

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Juan Lopez Petit Coronas Box of 25
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