Behike Estuche Of 3

  • Presentation Habanos Regular Productions
  • Vitola Combinaciones
  • Origin Cuba


The Cohiba Behike is the most exclusive linea of the most prestigious Habanos brand. These productions incorporate 'medio tiempo' tobacco (for the first time in a Cuban cigar) which brings extra character and flavor to the smoke. The Behike line carries the new Cohiba bands. The Behike's have already won glowing reviews from producers, reviewers and smokers alike. Without doubt, these three vitoles are among the finest cigars ever rolled in Cuba. COC is excited to offer you the possibility to sample one of each in this special Behike Tasting Sampler which was first released during the Habanos Festival.
1x Behike 56
1x Behike 54
1x Behike 52

Box of 3

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Cohiba Behike Estuche Of 3 Box of 3
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