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Box of 25 cigars : $ 499
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Shape :

Laguito No.1

Dimension :

Length: 192 mm (7 1/2")
Diameter: 15.08 mm
Ring gauge: 38

Presentation :

The Lanceros may well have seen its hour of glory come and go; however the delicate flavors of fragrant flowers and sweet licorice still retains a loyal following. Honey and spiced cedar quickly join in to mingle into a fantastically aromatic finale. The familiar 'pig tail' top adds that final touch to a beautifully constructed cigar. Said to be one of Castro's favorite smokes, the Lanceros manages to perfectly marry both elegance and taste.

Before Lighting up: Rich in taste due to the professional presentation. The good quality of the cedar wood used and the fact that the box is varnished give off an exquisite scent when you open the box. However, we believe this presentation has a minor inconvenience. It stops the procedure of aging. So we recommend you keep the box a little bit opened in your humidor, that is if you conserve your cigars in their original boxes (which is highly recommended). When it's young, the Lanceros delivers a dark honey taste with a lot of cedar-spicy notes.

Burning: Fantastic regular draw. With its thin shape, the Lanceros delivers a rich and round smoke. Dark honey and cedar notes seasoned with a gentle spiciness in the first and second third. We noticed a vegetal earthiness at the beginning. After the second third, spicy notes are dominant, however, the rich aromas are still present, especially the honey taste.

Final: A great finale without being aggressive, it's strong enough to satisfy a connoisseur.

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