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Dear Cigar lovers,

It is difficult to discover all the particularities of a cigar type (for example the Bolivar Belicosos Finos) if you have tasted only one. You must smoke at least a box. The taste varies also depending on external factors (other than the cigar): occasion, environment, mood, food, wine, cognac, etc.

Remember also that two cigars of the same brand and same type are similar but never identical. Like "Grands Crus", cigars may vary from year to year, depending on the tobacco leaves, the factory, the season, the torcedores, etc.

To appreciate your cigar, remember that harmony is the key word.  Try to take slowly regular puffs: you must control your cigar. You are invited to discover the exquisite details by yourself.

You are invited to this unique world of taste, where the rules are your own pleasure and your own satisfaction, not the satisfaction of others.

PS: The tasting notes are not completed, please allow some time to read the tastings of all vitolas. You are welcome to share your opinion or write a tasting of your own, we will view it and may publish it.

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