March 1st, 2004
Cigars of Cuba is proud to offer you rare and extra vintage Cuban cigars. These boxes are more than 50 years old made in Cuba before the Revolution. Pre-Castro or Pre-Embargo Cuban cigars are considered as collectors items and turn among a few hands around the world.

Here's what we can offer for the time being. If you are interested in aquiring one of these boxes drop us an email

Hoyo de Monterrey Panetelas: (5 x 35) made in 1940's, 50 cigars/box: 3,125 USD delivered. That's 62.5$ per cigar

J.LB Ambassadors: (6 1/2 x 40) made in 1950's, 50 cigars/box: 3,350 USD delivered. That's 67$ per cigar

The cigars are guaranteed for a full money back. They are in excellent condition knowing that they are almost 55 years old !

We also have the following boxes if you are interested:

Montecristo N.1's, 25's
Montecristo N.3, 25's
Hoyo de Monterrey Panetelas, 50's
Hoyo de Monterrey Belvederes, 25's
Partagas Perfectos, 25's
Partagas Petit Coronas, 25's
Romeo Y Julieta Belvederes, 25's
La Corona Petit Cetros, 25's
La Corona Perfectos, 25's

J.LB Ambassadors
-- SOLD --

Hoyo de Monterrey Panetelas
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