March 6th, 2006


The Cohiba Behike has the same length as the Lancero and the same girth as the Siglo VI, the two factory rings that have contributed to build the prestige of this brand. Corporación Habanos announced that this 4,000 cigar production lot is unique, for it will not be produced again.

The Cohiba Behike is sold only on special orders in elegant boxes fashioned by Elie Bleu from Galuchet, mother of pearl, ebony, sycamore, cedar and ox bone and containing 40 numbered cigars. The humidors will include a plate with the humidor number (from 1 to 100) and the Cohiba Behike lot number it contains.


Habanos wanted this cigar to be not only the most exclusive in the world, but probably the most expensive in the world. The name BEHIKE comes from a witch doctor name of the Taino tribe who performed sacred rites with tobacco.

Ever since Corporación Habanos conceived this project originally to commemorate the brand’s 40th anniversary, the project has remained completely secret since 2001. To that end, plants from the seed bed, the best growing fields of Vuelta Abajo, and even the best growers were selected. The outside wrapper leaf were chosen by Pancho Cuba, Alejandro Robaina and Antonio María Paz, three of the most prestigious Cuban tobacco growers.


The cigar containers are made by Elie Bleu; the cigars are prepared by Norma, the most experienced hand-roller in Havana’s El Laguito factory –

Only 4,000 sticks of the luxurious Behike will be produced, each one numbered, adding that it is “unique and unrepeatable” and that it “captures the spirit of Cohiba.”

Imagine a Siglo VI with the length of a Lancero, the 52 ring gauge triple robusto Behike with a pigtailed finish is a blockbuster. Its presence in the hand is massive. The pigtailed head gives it a cute shape despite the long and heavy weight body.


TASTING of the beast:

The first third delivers a regular but massive smoke. Grassy, vanillin with hints of delicate tobacco spices like warnings before the storm. Once you're almost finished with the first third and a little bit tired of this massive and regular draw, the Cohiba Behike takes you by surprise with an explosion of tastes and delicate spiciness. It rises like a thunder and develops in an exponential way !

Loads of oak overwhelms your mouth in a generous and heavy smoke. The draw becomes easier, faster, more complex and you'll have to make an extra effort to overcome the beast. Once you get used to its new style, it mutates again. As you prepare for the finale, the cigar turns into a live volcano expressing all its complexity and strength. At one point you'll have to take your time and cool down with puffing because you realize that your taste buds are saturated and your burning tongue is overloaded with the magic effect of the Behike !

The Cohiba Behike is a masterpiece and is here to stand amongst the legendary cigars. We'll wait to see how it will age in a 12 to 18 months..

The only problem is the price. Habanos will make only 100 humidors containing 40 cigars each. The suggested retail price is $18 000. That's outrageous, but there's no doubt that the cigars smoke like a dream...


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