Q: US embargo on Cuba and cigars
Q: Delivery Risk to the USA
Q: Delivery Risk to the USA (2)
Q: Can Non-US citizens bring Cuban cigars to the US?
Q: Personal cuban cigars brought to the USA

Q: Can I get Cuban cigars in the USA or not ? A friend of mine told me there is a way to get Puros in the US. (Steve, USA 12/97)
A: A traveler may include up to 100 cigars and 200 cigarettes (one carton) in the $800 exemption from duty. U.S. residents on State Department-licensed travel to Cuba may no longer bring cigars or other goods back with them from their visit.

Q: Gentlemen, your website indicates that you do not accept US residents as members. Is this in fact the case? Assuming that I am prepared to accept the delivery risk, would it be possible to join? (Robert, USA 02/98)
A: We usually send our cigars by UPS so it's obvious that the package is checked by US customs.We don't want to take the delivery risk neither for you nor for us. We're afraid we can't send you Cuban Puros.

Q: I noticed at the very start of your web site that cigars are not made available to residents of the USA. Is this something you are required to state? Can you ship me cigars in the USA? What is the risk to you if you have already been paid? I am curious and interested. (Barry, USA 02/98)
A: It's true that if a US resident member takes the risk to accept Cuban puros sent by UPS we have nothing to lose...but we all know that the US embargo against Cuba will be lifted in the near future; so as a Club, we are very careful to have excellent reputation with the US government and with our members around the world.
We are not interseted by having unlimited memberships. We invest a lot in quality and excellent service. Many US tobacco shops sell poor quality Cuban cigars "under the table" and some of them are caught. They are charged $300 for each Cuban cigar found in their shop and their businesses are over ! That's why we are very careful about our image.

Q: As a non us citizen, can I bring Cuban cigars into america for my own personal use? (Jonathan, UK 01/98)
A: There is no way you can bring Cuban cigars into the US at this time, unless you're a US citizen coming back from a licensed visit to cuba.
Please look at the official US customs page on this issue
We Hope that the embargo will be lifted in the near future.


Q: First, your suggestion for humidity states that a lot of people recommend 80%. Although this may be true...I have spent a lot of time on the web searching for info on humidity and everywhere I go seems to recommend 68-70%. I hope there are not people out there recommending 80%. I would think this would quickly promote mold.

Second, You state that it is legal to bring one box of Cuban cigars into USA for personal use. You go on to state that it would be best if the box were opened and a cigar or two were missing to show that it is indeed for personal use. I was under the belief that it was illegal to bring any Cuban cigars into the country period. I would really like to find out if I am able to do this because I only live about 50 miles from Canada and I go there on a regular basis. I have never had the pleasure of smoking a Cuban. If I am able to bring one box into the country, I will go up there and purchase one ASAP.

The other question I have is in regards to your club. I understand that for a monthly fee you will send a box of Cuban cigars every 4 months. Is this club available in the USA also? (Mike, USA 03/98)

A: To be more precise we suggest you to go and check the US customs page at the following URL http://www.customs.ustreas.gov/travel/cigars.htm
Cigars-of-Cuba Club would be proud to welcome you as a member and to send the cigars to a shiping address in Canada

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